Here I am WordPress!

Finally blogging it up!

Chan, why you chose to blog? Well, the purpose for this blog is to share my thoughts, experiences and life! I continually write journals everyday! (well not everyday, I have slacked a little bit recently).

I don’t have much to say at this point. But I aim to share my adventures, story, encouragemets and jokes!

Blog you later X



Happy New Year!

I have learnt a a lot during 2014 about life, about myself; about God. Each day I faced a new challange to arise and build for my future. Working a standard 9-5 job was not enough in my agenda. My passion to develop in the creative industry was my main focus and always will.

“The Pursuit of Purpose!” Should be the title for new year 2015. As there is this urgency to step out of the norm and into the new. Has anybody felt the same way? When the current activities you may be involved in begin to lack importance in your life. Some how ambitions to acheive an ultimate goal begins to spark your attention. Nothing is the same anymore; you only but can think of this dream or vision. This could be the new business idea you have been putting off for years and never had the chance to move forward with it. There is a certain urgency that the business needs to be acheived for your life depends on it! And if you miss the opportunity you are left in a desolate place. Living would be a dull experience; no purpose, no acheivement equals unhappiness. (Don’t take this literally. This is my opinion) Living would be such a miserable experience when you do not acheive dream.

I need to be fulfilled in this life. I need to break free from bondaries that are holding me back. I need to be set free! This year is a year to push myself, to take action and fight for what is rightfully mine!

My Purpose!


The memory lane

You must dance because the beat is SWEET!

Gospel music. The classic Jamaican gospel hits. “I feel like pressing my way!” followed by “I feel like running skipping praising the Lord for what He has done for me!” Oh the sweet joyous sounds of the tamberines being knocked back and forth and the banging hand claps! Not to mention the classic calypso rythmn being orcestrastrated by the musicians key musicans; keys, drum and bass.  The praises accelerates by the hand clapping followed by the toe tapping, feet stomping and then to jumping! Pentecost style all the way!

As normal, in my house whenever it is time to clean the house, the stereo needs to be blazing with the gospel music.

So I decided to listen to it again today. Today however it just brought back some fond memories of my old church, the time when we used to sing to God’s glory. Not to mention the fun times I had with my church friends dancing to the rhythms we used to create in our so called ‘jamming session. Oh the memory.

Especially for Jamaicans, boi Sah, when the sweet sound of the Jamaican medley the sweet memory get every one the feet!

I come to realise there is power in memory. God has given us a memory bank in our mind to allow us think back on all that He has done for us. If you were delivered or healed in the past, use that memory to activate your faith in the present! If you still waiting for a new memory believe in faith and expect a miracle TODAY!